Ground Mechanics Update

This week has been the focus of a lot of ground mechanics for Sirius. We’ve been working on ground combat, weapons, movements and interactions with the ship. (See the full video here)

We’re working on a tech demo (to be released late next month) that will showcase the main mechanics of the game. These mechanics include the ground mechanics, driveable vehicles, getting into the ship, taking control of the ship, flying off planet, warping, space combat and landing. If time permits, we may add repairing damage to the ship (interior and exterior), as well as zero-g flight and movement. The tech demo will be available for everyone to download once it has been released.

Future additions will include swimming mechanics, trading, mining, bounty hunting, exploration, animal and plant life, character, weapon and ship customization and a bunch more!

If you’re hoping to help support the project and push the timeline up a bit, we are running a fundraiser and have a Patreon page right now. A larger IndieGoGo campaign will be launched later on in the coming months.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]