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Introduction & Goals

‘The Vault’ is an incubator space developed by the Vancouver Computer Graphics Association (VCGA), that allows indie filmmakers, visual effects artists, recent graduates and anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Animation, Video Game or Visual Effects Industries to learn and collaborate through group projects.

Through collaborative projects like ‘Galactic Battles’ and apprenticeships, we hope to help artists gain the resources necessary to be able to have a competitive edge in today’s job market, while also providing some quality content for demo reels and portfolios that the participants can be proud of. We also offer official internships to allow students from related schools to gain the experience necessary to learn industry-standard tools & pipelines and have something unique for their demo reels.

One of our primary goals for this space is to develop unique Canadian content for distribution worldwide, through outlets such as Film Festivals, YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and any other medium available.

About the Projects

We hope to continuously produce original, Canadian content from the studio. To see a list of our projects, see our current ‘Projects’ page, and see what we are working on! We develop video games, full CG projects and short live action films.

These projects need money. For films, we have costs like food, insurance, studio space, camera gear and rentals, wages, post production, etc. – the list goes on. For full CG projects and video games, we require software licenses, programmers, VFX artists, server costs, hardware and a bunch more.

Corporate Sponsorships

All websites and publications for ‘The Vault’ Incubator Space would mention the sponsors and the VCGA website will showcase their logos (and links to their websites). The projects will be branded as “Powered by Sponsors”, naming all companies who contribute to this project. Names and logos will also appear in credits of any collaborative film, animation and video game projects. If you are interested in sponsoring this project, please email us at info@vcga.ca.

Ongoing Support through Patreon

If you feel like subscribing to us  for monthly donations, we’ve created a Patreon page, where you will have access to exclusive subscriber perks. *All proceeds on product sales will go to creating cool new content.