Frequently Asked Questions About the Space

Who We Are

Vancouver Computer Graphics Association (VCGA) is a non-profit organization that was created in 2012 by Nick Romick with the goal to serve the Greater Vancouver Area Visual Effects, Film, and CG community. Our primary goal is to create a strong community of talented people while strengthening their networking and skills.

Our Plan

Our plan to cover operational costs of this initiative such as administrative and technical staff, renting of the facilities and servers, utilities expenses, promotional and advertising costs, and coordination of events.  Our business plan to keep the modality of this non-profit organization is by paid memberships from our current members at VCGA as well as other project like our Job Portal system, paid events and workshops.

What We Do

In 2014, while working on our first collaborative movie project, “Galactic Battles”, we realized the advantage of having a physical space where the artists can collaborate face to face and have access to hardware as well as software to complete the project. The movie will be released in December 2018 via YouTube. However, if we could have had access to hardware, software and space like “The Vault” VFX Incubator the project timeline would have been shortened significantly.  

Keys to Success

‘The Vault’ VFX Incubator is a unique initiative as there is no other program that targets the needs of this ever-evolving industry. There is a major need for this type of initiative, as it helps artists to acquire the necessary skills to gain real world industry experience, which helps them become more workforce ready.

Our Mission

The Vault” VFX Incubator is an initiative that will be operated by VCGA and its mission is to provide high end equipment to further the learning, training, collaboration and content creation of its members . This initiative will help artists, independent filmmakers, and recent graduates to gain necessary skills to have a competitive edge and to build their professional portfolios.

How we hope to help Artists

The members of ‘The Vault’ VFX Incubator will be able to learn the standards, policies, and procedures of the film industry from  industry professionals, who will act as mentors. These mentors, appointed by VCGA, will show them the industry’s best practices, secret tips & tricks, ultimately adding relevant skills to their own career development. This initiative promotes the liaison between the theory and the practice in a safe place where they will be able to develop their knowledge in a hands-on experience.

How do I join one of 'The Vault' Collaborative Projects?

Our collaborative projects are not only passion projects for seasoned artists, but also a way for inexperienced artists to learn the industry standard tools and techniques, work directly with mentors and industry professionals and learn from the best. Just send us an email, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

I'm an Indie Filmmaker. How can you help me?

Having access to camera, lighting, computer equipment and props for films are an invaluable resource for independent filmmakers and CG artists. Without access to these resources, these artists are just unable to complete their projects and succeed.

We are aiming to rent to independent filmmakers and CG artists, but not to larger productions, as this is the demographic we wish to support with this initiative, as they are unable to afford these rentals with smaller budgets.

What if I want to use the space for my own projects?

We will be offering the use of our hardware and space for artists who wish to work on their own learning and development and freelance and side projects. This will include the hardware, software, internet and facilities needed to work on projects. We will also be offering camera equipment, lighting, audio, green screen and other equipment needed to create independent films.

I'm not comfortable working in a team yet. Is there training available?

Yes! Official training workshops are extremely important in this industry, as the technology is always changing, new software is being released, and artists need to be on top of the changes. ‘Tips & Tricks’ from Industry Professionals is also very important, as it shows existing artists amazing shortcuts and techniques that will help streamline their workflows. It also gives them the opportunity to ask questions and network with mentors from the industry.

Check out our Meetup page to see what workshops are coming up…

Can I use these Collaborative Projects in my Demo Reel / Portfolio?

Yes! One of the main ideas behind this new space is to generate some really solid content for artist’s demo reels and portfolios. As none of our projects will be ‘top secret’, like they are in the industry, anyone working on the projects can immediately use them in their demo reels (even before projects are released).