Galactic Battles - "When Worlds Collide."

Quick overview

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Imagine if characters from Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect and Halo all ended up meeting in the same universe. Would they forge alliances, or would they end up battling each other?

“Galactic Battles” is an open film project that mashes these franchises together in one massive space battle that will get the attention of any die-hard sci-fi fan!

The ‘Galactic Battles’ open film project was originally started in 2013, as an introduction to the VCGA’s plans to launch regular collaborative, open film projects. The Open Film initiative was geared to help build strong networks between local (and non-local) VFX artists, to learn about the industry-standard workflows, to have something amazing to add to their demo reels, and to have a great time doing so!

During the process, the film turned into a bit more. Director Calvin Romeyn stepped in, and brought the project to a whole new level, with visual effects that will knock your socks off!

‘Galactic Battles’ is complete, and ready to watch! Check out the full film here.


What if Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect and Halo met in the same universe?

Project history

The Galactic Battles project launched in 2013, as the first VCGA open film project ever. This was the catalyst project that taught us a lot about what how to run a collaborative open film project.

Things like floating software licenses, file servers, hardware requirements and face-to-face collaboration was difficult without an actual physical space. The entire project was done on the cloud, and collaborated remotely. The entire project was filmed in 2015 in green screen studios at both the Vancouver Film School and CG Masters Academy.

Despite the challenges the team faced with this project, it was an overall success, with stunning visual effects, audio and a great musical score.

The project was released in December, 2018.

The Team

The team originally formed in 2013, and was only 5 members. Over the years, the project grew to over 30 VFX artists, producers, writers, directors, cast, crew, and even a full symphony orchestra in London.