"Toy Cops"

Quick overview

Ever wonder what life is like in the Toy world? Well, this mockumentary short film focuses on what life is like from the perspective of Toy Law Enforcement. Follow them around, as they interact with traffic violators, drug addicts, gangsters, prostitutes and more!

Project Completion25%

25% Complete

The project is currently in production.

Crowd Simulations

Tools Used


"What you gonna do when the Toy Cops come for you?"

Project history

The film is fully animated and focuses on 3d modelling, texturing, lighting, animation and compositing skills. Artists will work from start to finish and even get into audio recording and musical score.

The Team

  • Production – Gary Lewis, Mike Zita
  • Assets – Aaron Fung, Eugen Mihalicka, Marcelo Terni de Castro, Maria Belen de Rama, Oleg Smykalov, Paul Cole
  • Rigging – Nick Romick,¬†Rodolfo Abreu
  • Lighting – Ivan Begovic, Marcelo Terni de Castro, Tina McFarlane
  • Animation – Andrew Blodgett, Arthur Yee, Brandon Huang, Miles Miller, Skye Ferguson
  • Crowds / FX – Johnson Chuang, Miles Miller, Nick Romick
  • Compositing – Jesse Airey, Marian Aquilizan, Matt Tsai, Pam Karasz