Animating a Warship using Bifröst & BOSS (Course)

Program Overview

Take your Visual Effects skills to a whole new level by learning directly from the professionals! In this extensive course, we will go over the entire process of using Maya’s Bifröst and BOSS systems to create a fully computer generated ocean scene, similar to the ones seen in Hollywood budget films, like ‘Greyhound’.

We will start with Maya’s Ocean and water simulators, then move on to preparing CG models for rendering, then placing them into the scene. Working with HDRI’s to add realism to the scene, then compositing the scene to make it all flow together.

Then, we will go on to the final color grading and editing process to give your short film a nice, refined look.

This course has been divided into 4 parts, and is instructed by the following professionals:

Maya BOSS/Bifröst: Nick Romick
Nuke Compositing:Lighting / Rendering:
Color Grading / Editing:

Part I: Maya Bifröst / BOSS

Course Description:

We will start out by using Maya’s BOSS (Bifröst Ocean Simulator System) to create the ocean. We will be using a highly detailed warship model from Hum3D, placing it into the scene, then get into the finer details of adding wakes and foam with Bifröst.



Part II: Shaders and Rendering

Course Description:

This section will cover preparing the assets to be rendered in V-Ray. and will be setting the materials to work with V-Ray.

We will then be working with HDRI’s to add a realistic environment to the scene. We will cover preparing ocean shaders to work with V-Ray, then setting the render up for Nuke.

Part III: Compositing

Course Description:

In this section, we will go over compositing, using Nuke. This process will allow us to use the rendered footage to make a convincing image. We will then be ready for the final steps; Color Grading and Editing.

Part IV: Color Grading & Editing

Course Description:

Now for the final section; Color Grading and Editing. We will be using Davinci Resolve for color correction and Adobe Premiere Pro to do the final edit.

Software Used: