Motion Capture Services

Our Motion Capture Technicians can come to your location, set up for previsualization and capture any performance.

Here at RetroPixel Digital, we like to focus on Virtual Production – and a huge part of the Virtual Production process is Motion Capture. The RetroPixel team has been working with inertial motion capture technology (full body, facial and hand) for quite a while now, and we now have it down to a science.

We use Virtual cameras to mimic real cameras, which allows us to create stunning previz and final results.

We prefer to use XsensFaceware and Manus for our motion capture needs.

We have high quality Xsens MVN Link suits with on-body recording, which gives us the ability to record motion capture in remote areas, away from a computer. This includes sports, driving, climbing, special stunts and anything else that requires actors to be far from recording devices.

Whether a client is recording on a hockey rink, soccer field, the outdoors, or in a different country; our system is ready to be anywhere, any time.