"Project Sirius"

Open World Sci-Fi Multiplayer Exploration / Action Game

Quick overview - May 16, 2021

Originally started as a project for Nick and his 7 year old son, Ethan, 'Project Sirius' quickly became a major project that was adopted by RetroPixel Digital.

We wanted to create an vast expansive universe, where players can choose to explore, trade, mine, fight or take AI missions. All using Unreal Engine! We're also working on developing our own 'Universe Generator' system, which is a procedural planet & terrain generator, that will allow players to land on an infinite amount of planets, complete with terrain, grass, trees and water.

This project is using Unreal Engine 4, Xsens and Manus motion capture technology, as well as Unreal MetaHuman Creator (driven by Faceware Studio & Glassbox Live Client plugin)

"Project Sirius" (currently the working title), is an open world, massive sci-fi / space exploration & action game. Players will be able to create their own characters, buy their own ships and take missions to make their own in-game money.

We wanted to focus more on realism. We're currently developing mechanics for ships that can be flown, modified and fixed outside of a station. This would allow players to be able to repair in the middle of combat or space by either performing tasks inside their ships, or even getting out into space to perform exterior repairs. This would also extend out to performance modifications (like overclocking, etc.) Salvaging wrecked ships to obtain special technology not otherwise available (for example, ship cloaking tech) is also a game mechanic we are working on.

Taking major influences from such games as 'No Man's Sky', 'Elite Dangerous' and 'Star Citizen', this game hopes to achieve something different from them all.

Character Concepts


Procedural Universe Generator

Building the tools to build the universe

We're in the planning stages of creating a procedural planet & geography generator for Unreal, which will enable the quick creation of entire procedurally generated planets for video games. These planets will be landable, explorable and will even have custom options for atmosphere, vegetation, gravity and even weather.

This tool will allow game developers to create vast universes with literally unlimited planets directly in the Unreal Engine Editor. It will also enable game companies to benefit from efficiencies using it, allowing them to give depth to their video games without having to start from scratch.

It's not like it hasn't been done before... Just not for Unreal Engine. Games like Star Citizen, No Man's Sky and Elite Dangerous currenly use this technology in their own in-house engines. We just want to take that concept, and apply it to Unreal. Then, make it available to everyone through the Marketplace.

Game Screenshots